FaceOff Playbook


Basic principles

This page explains how to use the animation viewer, and what the animations show. A typical animation viewer is shown below. It shows a field with players (we are green, our opponents are red), referees (black) and a ball (blue). There are six buttons / labels above the field. The first shows which frame of the animation is shown. The number after that (1.00) is the speed control. It can be increased up to 2.00 and decreased to 0.25. The third button moves the animation to the previous frame. The fourth button resets the entire animation. The next button is the play button, which shows the animation without stopping between frames. The last button moves the animation to the next frame. Buttons will become lighter, more opaque, when they are disabled.

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It is important to realize that the animations usually show a very positive tactical outcome. They only work when the passes are given on the ground and in the stick of the receiving player. Notice how our players are always ahead of the opponents when running towards their goal. So our movements should be sudden and fast. You have to surprise your defender and take a couple meters before he can react.